This is 30-Something: My Nightly Skin Care Routine

This is 30-Something: My Nightly Skin Care Routine

Ah, skin care. Why did I neglect and forsake you during my youth?! Real talk, like many women, I never paid any attention to how I treated my face when I was younger. Sunblock? Ha! Moisturizer? Definitely not. Heck, I rarely even washed my makeup off at night. But now that I’m not exactly a spring chicken anymore, I’ve realized it’s time to up my skin care game and start taking better care of myself. Thankfully, my genes are on my side in this area but I’m all about finding non-invasive ways to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. Because ain’t nobody got time to be looking haggard, am I right? And, sadly Instagram filters don’t work in real life. So today I’m sharing my current skin care routine in hopes that other 30-somethings might be interested in jumping on the anti-aging bandwagon with me.

Daily Skin Care Routine for 30 Somthings

Step One: Remove Makeup

I use Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Towelettes first. They help get my stubborn eyeliner and mascara off but you definitely still need to cleanse after these.

Step Two: Cleanse

I have been using Dermalogica’s Skin Resurfacing Cleanser and am borderline obsessed. I use it at night with my Clarisonic Mia. I ran out recently, though, and haven’t restocked so I have been using Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel and I really like it so far! (I received both Dermalogica products for free – a long time ago – as part of a PR package but my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine).

Step Three: Cleanse Some More

Okay, so I don’t need to cleanse some more but for the past 13+ years or so, I have been using Neutrogena’s Rapid Clear Treatment Pads before bed. I feel like when I don’t use them, I end up with a nasty, painful zit or two. After Step 1 and 2, there really isn’t anything left on my face but I like knowing this third step grabs anything I may have missed.

Step Four: Eyelash Serum

This is the newest step I’ve added. I’ve wanted to try Lash Boost for a long time but it’s super expensive so, at the recommendation of my fave beauty blogger, Meg O. On the Go, I’ve been using the Essy Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum from Amazon. It’s been about two weeks and I am already seeing a difference in the thickness of my poor, sad, eyelashes. I’m a fan of the price, too!

Step Five: Toner

Y’all. This stuff is crazy expensive (for me), but I swear Biologique Recherche Lotion P50W has done wonders for the evenness and balance of my skin. The most noticeable difference I’ve seen is on my neck; it’s been transformed. The French really know what they’re doing, y’all. I can’t confirm this because I’ve not tried it, but I’ve read that Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic is a much more affordable dupe.

Step Six: Serum

At the recommendation of a friend on Facebook and random internet strangers, I decided to add Hyaluronic Acid Serum to my routine in place of the vitamin C serum I was using before. I love the way the feels on my skin; it’s smooth and I only need 2-3 drops for my face and neck. My face really feels brighter and smoother. I don’t think it’s been long enough to see a difference in fine lines yet, though.

Step Seven: Moisturize

I started using Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + after randomly buying it from  TJ Maxx during the winter. My skin was dry and blah then and this stuff really did make a huge difference. Though it’s made from Very Dry to Dry skin (which I don’t actually have), I love it and bought more during the Nordstrom Sale. A little bit goes a long, long way and my skin is in great shape! I love love love this even though it’s probably too much moisture for the summertime. But whatever.

Step Eight: Eye Cream

Awhile ago, I partnered with an Arbonne rep who let me try all kinds of products and I fell in love with the Contouring Eye Cream – so much so that I scraped every last bit of product out of the pot the other day and my heart was sad. It’s so good. However, remember the Dermalogica PR package I referenced earlier? It included their Multivitamin Power Firm cream. I’ve been wanting to try it so was super excited to find that I already have some! I’m a big fan of the texture and feel of it so far and am hoping it does what it says. I’m a huge fan of Dermalogica (and Arbonne!) products.

Step Nine: Neck Cream

I don’t know how or why, but somehow I ended up with a no-strings-attached PR package from Neutrogena recently (which made me super excited because I’m a huge fan of the brand). Inside was a product I hadn’t tried before but I am loving. The Neutrogena Triple Age Repair Anti-Wrinkle Daily Facial Moisturizer is a new favorite. I use it on my neck and it feels super smooth and soft! This cream plus the toner I mentioned above have completely changed the skin on my neck. It needs to be said that this product does have a fragrance, but I kind of like it.

Step Ten: Facial Spray

As the finishing touch, I use Mario Badescu’s facial sprays. I use the purple (aloe, chamomile, and lavender) at night and the green (aloe, cucumber, and green tea) in the morning. These are super affordable and I love them!

Once a week, I try to do a mask of some sort. My current favorite is the Arbonne Sea Mud mask I blogged about last year. It’s so, so good. This Indian Healing Clay mask is also a fan favorite. I like it (mixed with ACV) but I prefer the Arbonne one since the active ingredient is the same and I don’t have to mix it myself.

I know this sounds like a lot but it only takes about 6 minutes start-to-finish. In the mornings, I start with Step 2, skip Steps 3-4, and then complete the process. Then it’s time for make-up. Check out my current makeup routine to see what I’m loving.

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