Rebrand! New Year, New Site

Rebrand! New Year, New Site

Happy New Year and Welcome to my rebrand, Mom Without Labels! I am beyond excited to be sharing my new site with you after countless hours of first trying to finalize a new name (I’m so incredibly indecisive) and then actually getting everything set up; it was a lot more work than I imagined. I hope you love everything as much as I do. As promised, Mom Without Labels will have the same tone, voice, and types of content as Memoirs of a Working Mom, but I also plan to add posts about my transition out of the full-time work force… and anything else I feel like, really.

So what does “Mom Without Labels” mean, anyway?

Let’s start with some basic definitions:

Mom (noun): one’s mother
Mom (verb): the act of mothering
Label (noun): a word or phrase indicating that what follows belongs in a particular category or classification

I don’t know why, but I have never loved identifying myself as a “Mommy” blogger or “Lifestyle” blogger, and I definitely don’t identify as a legit “Fashion” blogger. I guess I just don’t like labels. Motherhood is so much more dynamic than any one word or label can fully describe.

Motherhood is so much more dynamic than any one word or label can fully describe. Click To Tweet

When I started Memoirs of a Working Mom in May 2016, my intent was to share my perspective and experience as a working mom. I labeled myself. What I found, though, was that I wanted to write about a lot of other things – things that moms from all walks of life might enjoy. When I decided it was time to put my career on hold to spend more time at home, I realized it was time to drop the “working mom” label. But what is my label now? I may be a mom that works from time-to-time, but I’m not really a “working mom” anymore. Because I work outside the home part-time right now, (which will change to “only from time-to-time” soon), I’m not exactly a “stay at home mom” either. I’m also not a “crunchy” mom or a “positive parenting” mom, or any of the other classifications of mom we assign to ourselves and each other.

All of that said, I’m just a mom – a mom who works, a mom who stays home, a mom who blogs, a mom who fails, a mom who laughs, a mom who moms. No labels required. So here I am, liberated – a mom without labels.

All liberations merit celebrations, right? Because I am a lover of all things sparkly, PinkBlush is helping me celebrate my rebrand by having provided me with this beautiful gold sequin gown. You can’t go wrong with sequins, am I right? I did scrape my arm pulling it over my head, though (doh!). Pain is beauty, ladies.

Sure, a gold sequin gown isn’t exactly practical but it sure is pretty. Mamas, we need to seize every opportunity to feel pretty. That’s what this dress is for me.

Mamas, we need to seize every opportunity to feel pretty. Click To Tweet

I can’t adequately describe how excited I am about this new site and all of the awesomeness the new year will bring; I hope you’ll follow along.

Cheers to 2017!

Update: Check out my VENNDY story for more info about this entire look!

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  1. Cassy
    January 23, 2017 / 10:15 am

    Yaaasss love this and love you! You’re such a class act old friend. Your heart looks just like that dress, gold and sparkly! Praying for lots of joy and favor in this new season for you. 😘❤️

    • Shannnon
      January 25, 2017 / 2:53 pm

      Oh, Cassy! You made my day! Thank you SO much. Seriously. I’m so happy to still be connected with you after all this time!

  2. Nesie
    January 15, 2017 / 11:05 am

    I just started to follow you……love your new brand name….Please continue to inspire us 💕

    • Shannnon
      January 15, 2017 / 10:09 pm

      Thank you SO much, Nesie, and thanks for following! I will certainly try! <3

  3. January 10, 2017 / 1:04 pm

    So perfectly stated! I look forward to more posts!

    • Shannnon
      January 10, 2017 / 10:45 pm

      Thank you SO much! Thanks for reading!

  4. January 4, 2017 / 9:28 pm

    Your site looks amazing. I’m currently thinking about switching to self-hosted but it seems so daunting. And bravo to you for your big life change. I recently did that myself. I’m from your town and will be back there in a few weeks for a freelance job. I’d love to connect for coffee if you’re available.

  5. January 3, 2017 / 10:33 am

    Love this! Your rebrand is perfect and your words are exactly what I feel too! 😍 congrats and happy new year!!!

    • Shannnon
      January 3, 2017 / 8:30 pm

      Thank you SO much! Seriously. It means so much. Happy New Year!

  6. January 3, 2017 / 9:44 am

    Love everything about it… you, your words, your dress, your new site!! Yes!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    • Shannnon
      January 3, 2017 / 8:31 pm

      Thank you, Tabitha!! I appreciate the love so much and am thankful for your support! Thank you!

  7. rosalynndaniels
    January 3, 2017 / 4:39 am

    Everything looks gorgeous! You can see all the hard work come through!

    • Shannnon
      January 3, 2017 / 7:04 am

      You just made my day! THANK YOU so much!!

  8. January 3, 2017 / 1:46 am

    This post is amazing, that dress is amazing, your site looks amazing, your new blog name is amazing, and YOU are amazing!! Congratulations!!!

    • Shannnon
      January 3, 2017 / 7:03 am

      Thank you so much, Meg!! That means a lot. Grateful for you!!

  9. January 2, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    Congratulations! It’s perfect!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:50 pm

      Thank you, April! So sweet of you to say!

  10. January 2, 2017 / 8:50 pm

    Love love this and I couldn’t agree with you more on not labeling ourselves! Looking forward to following you along your journey in this new year!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:52 pm

      Thank you SO much! I appreciate the support more than you know!

  11. January 2, 2017 / 7:01 pm

    I love everything about your rebrand! It looks so good girl, and I am obsessed with that dress!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:52 pm

      Thanks so much, girlfrannnnnn!!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:53 pm

      Thank you so very much!

  12. January 2, 2017 / 3:16 pm

    Love the name Shannon, and this dress looks gorgeous on you!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:54 pm

      Thank you so much! I want to wear it every day!!

  13. January 2, 2017 / 1:15 pm

    That dress Shannon! Stunning. I love the new name as well!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:54 pm

      You are too kind! Thank you, Brittney!!

  14. January 2, 2017 / 12:27 pm

    It looks so good Shannon!!!!! Love the dress and the new name!!!! So fab!!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:55 pm

      Thank you, Brittany! You’re the best!

  15. January 2, 2017 / 12:21 pm

    Love it!! I am so happy for you! The dress is gorgeous, you look amazing!! I love the name too!! It is perfect!! Looking forward to 2017!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:55 pm

      Thank you, Leah! You’re support is so appreciated! Grateful for you!

  16. January 2, 2017 / 11:50 am

    First of all, you look GORGEOUS! Second, I love the rebrand. Everything looks amazing. I can’t wait to see where 2017 takes you. Congrats, girl!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:56 pm

      Oh, Trista! Thank you SO much!! 2017 is going to be *our* year!

  17. Amy
    January 2, 2017 / 11:32 am

    It looks amazing! I can’t wait to see how you evolve!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:57 pm

      Thank you, Amy! Evolve is the perfect word. We’re always evolving, aren’t we? Thanks again!

  18. January 2, 2017 / 10:29 am

    i need that dress in my life! it is amazing! love the re-brand too!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:57 pm

      Thanks, girlfriend! You’re the best! xo

  19. January 2, 2017 / 10:27 am

    I love the new blog and design and name and everything about this!!! Big things in 2017!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:58 pm

      Thank you, Claire! So grateful for you! Let’s rock 2017!

  20. January 2, 2017 / 10:11 am

    Beautiful rebrand! And I love the story behind your new blog name! Definitely something I identify with! So excited for you! Here’s to 2017!!! xx

    Emily |

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:58 pm

      Thank you so much, Emily!! I appreciate your kindness and support!

  21. January 2, 2017 / 10:09 am

    This is fantastic in every way! I’m so excited for you and of course I love that dress. And your heels too!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:59 pm

      YOU are fantastic in every way! Thank you so much, Patty!

  22. Eryka
    January 2, 2017 / 9:51 am

    I love it Shannan well done!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 9:59 pm

      Thank you, Eryka! I appreciate it!

  23. Grace
    January 2, 2017 / 9:14 am

    Everything is fabulous! I almost didn’t recognized you too! Congrats on rebranding your site.

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 10:00 pm

      I’m not sure if that’s a good thing but thank you so much! 😉

  24. January 2, 2017 / 8:59 am

    Yay! Good luck mama! Can’t wait to hear about your transition from working full time! You looks Beautiful!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 10:00 pm

      Thank you, Sarah! I appreciate the support and your kind words!

  25. Momma To Go
    January 2, 2017 / 7:53 am

    Gorgeous gown! Love the new name and look forward to reading more

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 10:01 pm

      Thank you so much! I want to wear it every day! I appreciate the support!

  26. January 2, 2017 / 6:04 am

    This is so e.mxciting!! I LOVE your new site! Can’t wait to see where all these changes take you this year. And the dress is stunning! I love PinkBlush!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 10:02 pm

      Thank you, Jacki! I’m so grateful for you! And yes, PinkBlush *is* the best! Love them!

    • Shannnon
      January 2, 2017 / 10:03 pm

      Thank you so much! You’re so sweet. I appreciate it!!

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