Ah, consignment sales. There seems to be a ton of them in multiple locations, usually in the spring and fall. It’s perfect timing: Spring Cleaning and Christmas Prep. I personally am a huge fan of the pop-up sales as a shopper; I tend to get the best deals there vs. the consignment stores that are open all year long. Now, I typically consign my girls’ clothes at a local family-owned store in my community; I love being able to just drop it all off and let their staff sort and label it all. Then, I just pick up a check whenever I feel like. Easy peasy. This year, though, I had a bunch of big equipment-type stuff that I wanted to off-load and knew I could keep a higher % of the sales at a pop-up (70% vs 50%). So, I decided to do the pop-up sale in addition to my normal store-consigning. Mistake. Now that I have that experience under my belt, I have some thoughts. Here are 5 reasons you should consign at pop-up consignment sales.

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