My Blogiversary: It’s Been One Year Since I Hit Publish

My Blogiversary: It’s Been One Year Since I Hit Publish

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of when I hit “publish” on my first blog post here in this little spot of the web. My blogiversary. In some ways it feels like I started a few weeks ago. In other ways I feel like I’ve been doing this forever. But life is so different now. So much has changed.

I started this blog because I was a burnt-out working mom who longed for an outlet and community. Not long after, I came to the realization that life needed to change – for me, for my family, for our overall well-being.

I never imagined this blog would turn into what it has, or that I would have faithful readers and followers. (I can’t thank you all enough for hanging with me. Seriously. Thank you.) I never imagined that brands would want to partner with me to spread the word about their products – and I never imagined I would find so many new things that I love.

I never imagined that the writing goals I set for myself would be realized so quickly. In fact, it was my first two posts (here and here) that made those dreams a reality. I never imagined that I would make a dime from this gig but once I realized I could, I set a financial goal for myself and crushed it.

I never imagined that one year later I would have a very different life. I left my job. I made new friends. My family now has the time to start going back to church. I found strengths I didn’t know I had and have been faced with many new challenges. I’ve become more confident in so many areas and have learned so much about myself; I’ve found things I like and things I’m not so proud of. I’ve learned some things the hard way. But I’ve learned to be okay with who I am.

I never imagined how hard blogging would be – how much time and work goes into it, how tough it can be to “find your tribe”, and how challenging it can be to open yourself up to the world and endure the criticism that sometimes comes with it. I never imagined how weird it would be to say “I’m a blogger,” and still find myself saying “I have a blog” instead; maybe that goes back to not liking labels.

It’s been one year and I feel like I’m just getting started. I’m still experimenting and finding my way. I’m still trying to balance transparency with privacy and security. I still feel like a new kid on the block. I don’t know where I’ll be in a year from now or if this blog will even exist then; I hope it does. But here’s to one year and [hopefully] many more. Thanks for sticking with me.

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  1. May 28, 2017 / 7:23 am

    You have absolutely crushed it my friend. You’ve done amazing things and I know this is only the beginning!

    • Shannnon
      May 28, 2017 / 8:25 am

      You are way too kind! Thank you so much! Grateful for you!

  2. May 25, 2017 / 10:48 am

    Shannon, you are so inspiring! I literally love everything you do, and I don’t want to show my children’s faces either on my blog. Because of you, I know that it’s possible to be successful without! Love everything you do!

    • Shannnon
      May 25, 2017 / 8:40 pm

      Oh my word! THANK YOU so much! Your comment seriously just made my day. Girlfriend, if I can do it – you totally can. Keep it up! Thanks so much for reading; I appreciate you! xo

  3. May 23, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    Congrats to you! I just started my blog and this was the inspiration I needed to keep going! It is refreshing to know that the hard work and the struggles of starting and maintaining a blog can be so rewarding and I can do it… thanks for inspiring me!

    • Shannnon
      May 25, 2017 / 12:49 am

      Thank you SO much! I’m seriously so glad I could help inspire. You can do it!

  4. babiestobookworms
    May 23, 2017 / 12:04 am

    Congratulations on one year! I totally understand how you feel about how hard it can be, and how you are just getting started! I feel like I am learning something new to do every day!

    • Shannnon
      May 23, 2017 / 12:38 am

      Thank you so much! I guess it’s always a work in progress, right?

  5. May 22, 2017 / 11:39 pm

    Congrats on the blogiversary! Way to crush your goals!

    • Shannnon
      May 23, 2017 / 12:38 am

      Thanks so much, Gina!

  6. May 22, 2017 / 11:21 pm

    Congratulations!@ One year! thats a big milestone. I hate talking about my blog too. Seems weird. like some sort of unspoken judgement?

    • Shannnon
      May 23, 2017 / 12:42 am

      Thank you so much! I don’t hate talking about it but saying “I’m a blogger” just sounds so weird to me! LOL

  7. May 22, 2017 / 10:12 pm

    Loved reading your top ten!! What a great idea for new subscribers to get a taste of who you are. Loved all of it!

    • Shannnon
      May 23, 2017 / 12:39 am

      Thank you SO much!! That means a lot.

  8. May 22, 2017 / 9:29 pm

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I love reading each post and am so happy you have continued. You inspire me to keep reaching for the next level. Happy Anniversary!

    • Shannnon
      May 22, 2017 / 9:51 pm

      Thank you, Amanda! That makes me so dang happy! You’re awesome. xo

    • Shannnon
      May 22, 2017 / 9:50 pm

      Thank you SO much for the love! xo

  9. May 22, 2017 / 8:28 pm

    Congratulations Shannon you really are an inspiration! You have written some really awesome articles friend. 😘

    • Shannnon
      May 22, 2017 / 9:49 pm

      Thank you SO much, Nicole! That’s seriously the nicest thing to say. THANK YOU!

  10. May 22, 2017 / 2:10 pm

    Congratulations Shannon! You’re such an inspiration to me!

    • Shannnon
      May 22, 2017 / 9:53 pm

      OMG, Ashley! That’s seriously such a sweet thing to say. I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so happy to be connected with you!

  11. May 22, 2017 / 10:10 am

    I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year. You came such a long way and your blog has grown so much! I’m sure there was so much work and determination– congratulations my friend and happy blogiversary!

    • Shannnon
      May 22, 2017 / 9:53 pm

      Thank you, Angela! It’s still a work in progress for sure and definitely lots of sleep lost trying to keep it going! Thanks so much for the love and support! I appreciate you! xo

  12. xokerry
    May 22, 2017 / 9:28 am

    Congrats on one year!! You’ve accomplished so much. I’ve loved following along and can’t wait to see what this year brings.

    • Shannnon
      May 22, 2017 / 9:33 am

      Thank you, Kerry!! So grateful to be connected with you and to be able to follow you and watch your family grow!

  13. May 22, 2017 / 9:10 am

    Congratulations!! It definitely is weird to say I’m a blogger!! You’ve produced some amazing and valuable content so it’s no wonder you have such a faithful following! Can’t wait to see where this next year leads you!

    • Shannnon
      May 22, 2017 / 9:32 am

      Thank you SO much, Jacki! I’m so glad this crazy ride has connected me with you! You da real deal, girl! Grateful for you. <3

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