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Mom (noun): one’s mother
Mom (verb): the act of mothering
Label (noun): a word or phrase indicating that what follows belongs in a particular category or classification

Formerly Memoirs of a Working Mom, Mom Without Labels can’t be solely defined as a “Mommy” blog, “Lifestyle” blog, or “Fashion” blog, at least not in my opinion. Labels are limiting.

When I started Memoirs of a Working Mom in May 2016, my intent was to share my perspective and experience as a working mom. I labeled myself. What I found, though, was that I wanted to write about a lot of other things – things that moms from all walks of life might enjoy. When I decided it was time to put my career on hold to spend more time at home, I realized it was time to drop the “working mom” label. But what is my label now? I may be a mom that works from time-to-time, but I’m not really a “working mom” anymore. I’m not exactly a “stay at home mom” either. I’m also not a “crunchy” mom or a “positive parenting” mom, or any of the other classifications of mom we assign to ourselves and each other.

All of that said, I’m just a mom – a mom who works, a mom who stays home, a mom who blogs, a mom who fails, a mom who laughs, a mom who moms. No labels required. So, Mom Without Labels was born.


Mom Without Labels is a blog for moms – all moms. Here, you’ll find posts about motherhood, affordable fashion, health & beauty products, my favorite finds for kids, and everything in between. Formerly Memoirs of a Working Mom, this blog was started in May 2016.

Mom Without Labels will sometimes feature sponsored posts and will contain affiliate links. Please see the full disclaimer.

Some things you will not see on this site are photos of my daughters’ faces or their names. Read about why here.

Posts from this site have been republished on Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post, and LittleThings in the US. Internationally, posts have been republished on MagicMum (Ireland), MummyPages (Ireland), KidSpot (Australia), and The Asian Parent (Indonesia).